Friendship Quiz

Friendship Quiz 2022

  1. Create Friendship Quiz & Share a link to Friends
  2. Your Friends will have to guess the answers!
  3. Check your friends result on Leader Board

Friendship Quiz 2022

Making Quizzes For Friends

Steps to create your own Best Friend Quiz:

Buddy Meter:

Create your quiz and challenge your friends!
Ask questions you get the friendship meter level

Friendship quiz:

Have you ever wondered which friend knows you the best? Test your mates by creating your friendship dare like trivia quiz

Bff test:

The ultimate BFF friendship test.

Whatsapp quiz:

Create a quiz about yourself and send it to your friends. Share it with your friends on Whatsapp or Messenger to check how well they really know you called WhatsApp Quizzes.


Create your quiz - Pick your quiz topic and answer 12+ questions about you. Make sure you select the correct answer.


You are going challenge with your best friends. It helps you to test how much your friends know about you


It is not an aptitude quiz question. Don't take too much time to answer. The questions answering is just about you.

Enjoy and share

Share the link with your friends on WhatsApp or Messenger with whom you shared this quiz will take part in this challenge.

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Have you ever wondered which friend knows you the best? Test your mates by creating your trivia quiz.

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